This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


We are a not-for-profit corporation whose purpose is to employ persons with developmental, mental, and physical challenges in Franklin County. Our Workshops help our employees develop themselves as workers with the goal to help them excel as far as their desire and ability can take them until they are of retirement age.

Our employees provide contract and sub-contract labor for over forty businesses in a 50-mile radius of Washington, Missouri. They are paid on a scale in proportion to what workers in competitive employment would earn for similar work. In order to assure the safety and welfare of each individual, we provide more supervision per employee than businesses in competitive employment.

Our continued mission is to provide a continuum of employment opportunities to our communities. We currently employ hundreds of those impacted by disability. Our workshop programs have been effective in providing employment and training, and we are also proactive in assisting individuals in finding jobs in the community.

The Workshop is not a government agency. While we receive some federal and state funding, we rely upon 70% of our revenue to come from our business customers. The more business we can attain, the more effectively we can address the large waiting list of individuals seeking employment and training with our companies.



Jobops meaningful employment






JobOps professional staff is committed to providing individualized career enhancement services and meeting the needs of the business community.
Personalized, meaningful employment is accessible through the following vocational services:

• Career exploration and vocational guidance based on interest and abilities.
• Assistance with resume building, completing applications and interviewing successfully.
• On-site job training when needed.
• Job retention supports and benefit analysis.
• School to work transition assistance.

JobSeeker Benefits:

• Assistance to obtain successful employment.
• Discover personal strengths through vocational exploration.
• Investigate careers of interest and begin taking steps to reach vocational goals.
• Receive training based on individual needs.
• Problem-solving and post-employment assistance.
• Trained and professional staff.

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