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Many of our customers are high-volume manufacturers. We are often responsible for the last value added process before the finished product is released to a retail outlet or distribution center. One of Empac Group’s core strengths is our flexibility and quick response time. This unique ability ranks us as one of the best packaging and assembly facilities in the Midwest.

We have realized these accomplishments using three primary business components which ensure accuracy, consistency and flexibility while remaining agile as an organization.


We employ a fully customizable process control system that utilizes special tools to handle all production processes from initial quote to final shipping and order reconciliation to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Inventory control is a primary component to successful and uninterrupted production runs. Maintaining our own inventory control system allows us to quickly report component levels while planning down-time due to component exhaustion rather than reacting after the fact.

For each project, step by step instructions are developed and detailed with full color photographs and diagrams. After processing instructions are completed, a copy is sent to a customer representative for approval.

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Contract PackagingSHRINK WRAP & BANDING

Shrink-wrap is used to protect, bundle and prevent the pre-purchase tampering of products while providing a clear glossy appearance to the finished package. Shrink-wrap is a popular packaging technique for many products including:  compact discs, computer games, aerosol cans and books. A cost effective alternative to graphic covered cartons boxes, shrink-wrap not only enhances the look of products, it allows consumers to see what they are purchasing.

Typically involves more than one product being bundled together using a shrink sleeve which is opened on two ends. Shrink-bands are an excellent choice for tamper resistant or two-for-one line

Services - Bagging


Filling and sealing bags or pouches with product by weight or specific quantities. Each bag or pouch is filled and sealed securely, then packaged according to the customers requested shipping or display packaging requirements.


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Services - Blister PackagingBLISTER PACKAGING

Blister packaging consists of a ridged, pre-formed plastic blister that is heat-sealed to a corrugate or poster-board backer card with graphics. Blister packing is perfect for items that will be displayed at retail on a display hook or pegboard style shelf.


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We custom build wood crates and pallets for your product specific needs.




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Services - LabelingLABELING

Labeling services can be needed for a variety of reasons and with a wide range of difficulty. We can complete projects as simple as placing star-burst stickers on book covers to precise work like the exact placement of labels needed to cover verbiage in costly medical manuals.


Our ISO certified quality system ensures each placement will be correct, thereby reducing damage or loss to valuable product.

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Custom AssemblyASSEMBLY

Labor intensive assemblies may appear to be very simple in nature, but the time and labor involved in producing 200,000 – 300,000 widgets to complete an order on time can be daunting. Our large and focused labor force specializes in projects of this type. Leave the assembly to our expert team.


Our ISO certified quality system communicates accurate assembly instructions to our production team, creating consistent and top-quality standards.

Our assembly experience includes:

•Pouch filling/sealing by weight or quantities
•Kit assembly
•Point-of-purchase displays

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Services - InspectionINSPECTION

We are committed to inspecting all of our work to ensure we deliver the highest standards to our clients. The process of inspecting products can be tedious, time consuming and costly, but valuable in the long run.


We are able to provide a large labor force to our customers to inspect and sort their products, quickly and accurately with techniques, such as:

•Visual inspection criteria
•Go / No-go devices

•Digital scales or other measuring tools

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Services - FulfillmentFULFILLMENT

We are devoted to fulfilling your needs timely, accurately and efficiently, ensuring that your customers are happy with your product.

We handle all types of fulfillment and fulfillment services all backed by sophisticated technology and a staff that takes your business as seriously as you do. With a proactive approach, attention to detail, flexibility, and a “can do” attitude, we are a reliable partner for your businesses fulfillment needs.

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Empac Group Inc. is one of the few facilities of its kind (and possible the only one in Missouri) to offer vibratory metal finishing to our business partners. Using a Vibratory Mill, die cast or stamped parts are placed into agitated media, giving the castings a smooth, even finish to parts that have any sharp edges or flashing.  We recently added Roto-peen to
our services. Roto-peen hardens castings while providing an even more attractive finish to the casting.

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Services - WarehousingWAREHOUSING


Upon arrival all product is batch inspected to ensure the components have accurate counts, are tagged appropriately for storage and are checked for non-conformity.


In process audits are performed on each project by the designated Production Supervisor and a Quality Auditor before each shift begins. The purpose of these ‘shift audits’ are to ensure the appropriate processing instructions are understood and all safety and calibration components are maintained.

An additional hourly check on each line ensures the final product conforms to specification, the correct components are being used and paperwork is being completed.


A trained Quality Auditor completes a final audit before finished products are shipped to their destination.

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Location and Distance is not an issue for us. We are conveniently located along the Highway 44 corridor.

We employ our own fleet of trucks and trailers to pick up and deliver our customer’s inventory quickly and cost-efficiently.


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